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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I sign up?

A. After the registration please check your email for the confirmation email. Then activate your account with the confirmation link provided and choose whether you will be using Your own existing domain name or free sub-domain that we offer. You can then access Your cPanel @


Q. Do you show any ads on my hosted free websites?

A. No, we never show any ads, banners, pop-ups or any other annoying third party marketing stuff on your free hosted websites.


Q. How are You able to provide such services without any charges?

A. We have been working with free and premium paid hosting under various brand names for over a decade and are able to support 503hosting project solely on funds collected from other projects and hosting partners.


Q. How long will You continue to offer free web-hosting?

A. We will be offering free hosting always! We might start offering some paid plans in the future, but the free portion of our web-hosting will always remain the main one.